Hi, I am Kaley Love.

I tend to write a bunch of trending things in these "about me" sections, but I think what you're looking for is a bit of honesty. My business revolves around love. People fall in love... boom a wedding. People have babies.... boom a birth. People need a cute photo on their Christmas card... boom family sessions with the leaves looking all sorts of Fall-ish in the back. I have been professionally taking photos since the birth of our first baby. My family and I follow Jesus and it's foundational to the way we strive to live this life. During the wild year of 2020, my husband and I made a radical decision to leave the safety net we built and took a chance with a new adventure! We are currently in NC as part owners of an outdoor shop selling all sorts of fun, outdoor, adventure-encouraging things! We set aside some space to open up a lovely coffee shop and it's been nothing short of incredible to take a step back and look at our daily life. We are beyond blessed and have worked hard to have this opportunity to do exactly what we want to do. I have already said "I" far more than I care to in this setting BUT I am flexible, open to new adventures, and hope to learn how I can serve you and your family, business, dream, vision, dog, cat, etc!

“Kaley is an amazing artist! She is so easy to work with and does amazing work. She videoed our homebirth and also did pictures a few days after birth! I love all the moments she captured! I would recommend her to everyone!”

“Kaley is just amazing! From our engagement and wedding photos to family shoots and our daughters birth, Kaley always captures such special moments! Highly recommend this lady’s awesome work!”

“Kaley did my senior photos this past year and I loved them all. She did a fantastic job capturing my vision and creating the look I wanted. Kaley shot some very unique photos, I loved that they didn’t feel like your cheesy, run-of-the-mill senior photos. 100% recommend Kaley for your photo/video needs.”