Birth Photography


Investing in Birth Photography is investing in having your baby's very first breath captured forever. You get to look at the very moment the love of your life holds this precious child for the first time. The total sum of all the small details ultimately make up your birth story. You will never leave the labor and delivery space the same. Having a baby is going to shift your life in a beautiful radical way. The details are worth remembering. 


Your investment includes my on call time, the edited photos, a digital gallery, and rights to print. Once you are in active labor I will head to your birth place. Depending on the package you select I will stay for at least an hour after delivery. I also offer coffee and high fives. We would have a prenatal meeting and discuss your ideal birth plan and other details. Payment plans are available. 

My Why?

Birth photography is my passion. That word is thrown around often these days so allow me to share some detail. Life is beautiful. Life is a miracle. We have life because of love. The moment we welcomed our daughter in this world is something I will never be able to recreate. It's because of our birth photographer we were able to have a few of these details to have a to hold forever. I knew after looking at my labor and delivery photos that this is exactly what I want to specialize in. 

I am committed to the experience of your birth. I am fully invested in this and love the crazy life birth workers are pledged to. The moment your baby takes a first breath full of oxygen is totally worth documenting. The first time your baby is skin to skin or finds your eyes, or holds your finger, etc. THESE are the moments I cry during, but also professionally document. I do this "Birth Photography" thing because I truly believe in one of the most important moments of the human experience. Why not? 

My husband or Nurse can just take photos?

Birth happens so fast. Let your birth team focus on you and leave the documenting to me. I have invested in education, equipment, and have been around the block a few times to understand the proper techniques to acquire the best possible photos.

Why hire a Birth Photographer?

"I wish I did it with my first?" I hear this more often than any other statement. You'll want to remember how strong you are when your toddler is crying because she doesn't want to sit on the potty. You deserve to have these photos to look back on when he walks across the graduation stage. Birth is beautiful and it's the very beginning. You are holding your baby for the very first time. Why would you not want to look back on this second? 

Isn't it Gross?

Birth is messy. Birth is natural. Birth is beautiful. As a professional I am aware of your desires, wishes, and wants. I get creative and I'm confident. Through proper angles and editing I can ensure your photos are completed with respect and taste while honoring your ideas. 

Do you attend home births?

Yes. I love when a family invites me in this space as that's typically where one is most comfortable. 

Client Testimonies:

Kaylee Said

"We had Kaley as our birth photographer, and we are forever grateful! She provided us with a gold mine of photos, that will we will cherish forever. 
Kaley captured those moments you miss in a split second. Like the joy on your husband's face as he sees his little girl for the first time, the way you both gaze wholeheartedly at your beautiful baby, and the emotions and struggles throughout the process. Kaley gave us the moments we can never relive.
She is like a fly on the wall throughout labor and delivery and maintains modesty. We couldn't be more impressed with professionalism and quality! Highly suggest!"

Sabrina Said:

Kaley is an amazing artist! She is so easy to work with and does amazing work. She videoed our homebirth and also did pictures a few days after birth! I love all the moments she captured! I would recommend her to everyone! 

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