Hi, I am Kaley Love.

Talking about myself actually gives me anxiety. Honesty here right!? I have an incredible husband that supports this dream of mine. We have three beautiful babies together and we are always yearning for a new adventure. I was raised in the south on the sweet shores of the Carolina lakes.

My middle name is Love. That's an important fact to mention because it's imperative to the way I run this business. If you don't feel loved throughout any and every interaction you have with me (regardless if we partner or not) then I have actually failed. We live to love. I believe in love. It's because of love that we have life. Cue the rest of the cheesy things about love.... but really. ;)

My sweet husband and our three babes can be found snowboarding in the Winter or floating down a river in the Summer. We serve a good God that doesn't promise a perfect, pain-free life. His promise to us is that He is there to lead us through the pain. Yall, Jesus saved my life and I would love to tell you about it sometime!

As for the photography game... I have always had the desire to freeze time... yeah yeah also cheesy. Growing up in the youth group I always had the camera on mission trips. It was fascinating for me to capture sweet moments. After the birth of our little Love (her middle name is Love also!) I knew I wanted the flexibility of staying at home. That with the combination of seeing the birth photos my Doula delivered lit a fire in my heart to pursue birth photography with nothing held back. This thing is a little scary but oh so much fun. Birth Photography, small film projects, weddings, families, and creative content for small businesses fill my agenda, for the most part, these days. If yall have made it this far, let's chat and get creative! I want to serve you and your business, your family, and your vision!


Jenna A.

Kaley has done a ton of photography for my coffee business and food tour business. She is not only an incredible photographer with an eye for the best shot, but the photos I received at the end were beautifully touched up and ready to use. Kaley herself is so easy to work with and one of the most loving, thoughtful, compassionate human beings I have ever met. I'd recommend her without question!

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