Film Craze

Yall this is wild. 

This is so fun. 

This is also full of challenges and lots of room to grow. 

Honestly, when I introduced the film side of my business I expected the interest to trickle in. This trickle has actually been a little bit more like a running faucet and it has been absolutely incredible! 

This is my latest project. In this session, we highlighted all of this current seasons product. We spent the day downtown enjoying just a few of our the lovely local businesses out the city has to offer! 

The Start of Something

Wedding & Events Planning: Walker Down the Aisle // Photography: Bethany Melvin Photography // Vintage Rentals & Arch: Prairie Lane Vintage Rentals // Videography: KaleyLoveD // Florals: Brickhouse Flowers // Hair & Makeup: Platinum Imagination // Menswear: David Jones Fashions // Stationery: b.invited // Cakes: Bakologie // Jewlery: The Diamond Room by Spektor 

This was a total dream for me. Gathering a bunch of creatives, giving them a prompt, and watching them run with it! The day was BEAUTIFUL and it was squished between two days of single digit temps in what has seemed like an eternal Winter. Happy Midwest living, yall. 

It was such an honor to be involved with this project. This was my first film of this caliber and being challenged was a really amazing opportunity for me to dive headfirst into filming. It’s something I have been talking about for years!

2019, you’ve been a delight so far. Let’s continue to make moves! 

Mic Check

Hello again, 

I am still here. Still photographing beautiful moments. This Fall has been a record year for me and I am OH SO THANKFUL! I may do a specific post on all the sessions someday but for now here are just a few from my latest galleries. 

I’m looking forward to 2019 already! 

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