Year of Breakthrough

This is it. The year I am confident in my skills. I am a professional photographer. This doesn’t mean I don’t have room to grow, but that I am comfortable in this reality. People pay me to take photos. It’s incredible and such an honor. Birth Photography is still my main game but, dang, I love me some families! Below you will find some of my recent favorites. Milk Bath sessions (coming back next Summer), family sessions, anniversary photos, and more! I truly hope you enjoy looking at these as much as I enjoyed taking them! 

These are just a few of my favorites from the past two weeks. I am in love with what this “job” brings my way! 

Seasons Change

 Just because I haven’t blogged in quite some time, here’s a new one. :) 

Today, this very morning, I am 7 months pregnant and getting ready to end an amazing “Fall photography season” with a bang. I was given the gift of an hour-long float at the local spa in town and took full advantage of that this morning as sleep has been scarce. It’s bitter cold out, I am just now sipping my first cup of coffee, and I have a list of 1,000 things to do, but I want to write in this second. Which never is actually a desire of mine. I can’t help but sit and be thankful for the way this past year has gone. It’s overwhelming to think about when you pick apart all the details. I am still actively working with a few really amazing Social Media Clients, I have steady bookings for photography sessions, and I feel confident enough to say I feel as if my skills have improved. (Notice I didn’t say perfect.) 

I think I could blab on all day about this and that. I can honestly say I don’t have a real “goal” with this post. Oh, (insert lightbulb) I am running a giveaway on my facebook and Instagram pages! That’s it! I will talk about my heart behind my decision to give my time away! 


The entire reason I started my business a few years back was to bless people with quality photos. I wanted to make professional photography accessible while still be able to help provide a sustainable living. With the addition of our Brinley Love, I quickly became obsessed with documenting the story that hides behind the labor room doors. This resulted in my passion for Birth Photography. To this day I still present my self as a Birth (not bird) Photographer although I mostly fill my session slots with families and new babies. All of these beautiful families allow me to pursue what I love. Each of the past few years I have very simply giveaway a session to someone willing to help spread that love. That’s it. It’s not an obligation, it’s not a huge scheme to gain more engagement or followers, (although that would be nice! :P ) it’s to simply give a gift during a season of giving. I hope in all of this I can share love because at the end of the day that’s all I truly want to be known for, loving well. SO I will now post some of my most recent photos. Look at them, tell me what you think, then go to my instagram or facebook and enter for the free session! <3 

I have so many more I want to share, but if I could be honest, the shop I’m hanging out at has wifi that is not allowing me to complete this task in a timely manner. So, until next time!


New Love.

After two seasons of second shooting weddings, I finally felt comfortable enough to attempt to tackle a wedding on my own. Well, I couldn’t have dreamt up a better day. August 5th, 2017 was the very first wedding I shot under KaleyLoveD Photography. I am crazy thankful for this opportunity and while I will only be taking a few weddings each season, I am already looking forward to the next beautiful day I get to capture! 

Megan and David belong on some back street in Italy, sitting in a stunning cafe with picture perfect scenery full of color, life, and love. I was thrilled and totally jumped at the chance to capture this intimate day for these two. 

I only hope you can see the joy and class these two carried during their special day. Enough words. Enjoy the photos. :) 

It was a really beautiful day to witness. I only wish the best for these two as they start their lives together!

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