February Birth

Each and every time I do this birth “thing” I get more and more excited. 

I feel improvement. I feel more confident. I feel as if I want to just put it all on the line and just go for it!

Birth Photography is my passion and I am so stoked to share the story of my latest client. 

Do you ever meet people and go “Yes, they are amazing.”? This was one of those people. This mother was easy going, willing, and ready. I love my clients! This was baby number two and he was really comfortable hanging out in the womb.

Women are amazing. Birth is beautiful. Life is miraculous. 

Ok, enough words…

 (Be advised, birth is… well birth. Some of the photos may prompt further conversation for small children.)

This momma was incredible and her birth team served her well. Now a family of four, I was honored to capture these sweet seconds. Life is a crazy thing. Thank you for hanging out with me in my corner of this internet world! :)

New Year. New Goals.

Hello Friends, 

I truly wish your year is off to a wonderful start! I feel as if mine has started at 1,000 miles per hour and shows no signs of slowing down. (This is not me complaining.) The start of a new year always tends to bring in the opportunity for fresh perspectives, new goals, and intentional steps toward implementing new ideas. I am thankful for a fresh year. The reset button is such a nice theory. What really matters is how we choose to persevere. Of course, it’s just another day, but how we take advantage of its “newness” is in reality, all up to us. So, I’ve already given life to just a few of my “goals”… Have you? :)

Now to the good stuff. Here is just a peek at what my year has been filled with so far!

I am crazy thankful for the Lords timing. His ways are perfect. Sometimes I don’t get it… and I don’t have to because that’s where faith comes in. This year will be a defining shift in my career. I have a long way to go and plenty to learn. So… here’s to 2017!… and making the most out of each moment! 

Thanks for believing in me!

October Birth

I need to start out by saying there are images on here that are beyond beautiful, but they may also not be for the sensitive. 

This is it. This is what I want to do with my life. I feel a calling like I’ve only felt a few other times in my life and they’ve all led to monumental shifts. To take a step back and look at the moments I get to capture for a loving family is nothing short of unreal. These are moments you’ll never ever be able to recreate. It’s organic. It’s real, natural, and raw and those are just a few of the many reasons why I am invested in this passion. I could attempt to describe how much I actually love these sessions, but I feel as if I don’t even have a proper vocabulary or even enough time. 

For this birth, they chose to keep baby’s gender a secret. The only shots they were really after was the dad’s reaction to the gender. It was a beautiful labor. Mom and dad worked together as a team and in a way, it’s in these moments you get to see what a couple is made of. Love. Love is what I saw as the dad waited anxiously to meet his unborn baby. Love is what I saw when the mom looked to the father of her almost-born child for a “you can do this, we’re almost there!” 

Birth Photography is making leaps and bounds in our culture here in Sioux Falls. I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it. I believe in this. I believe in showing a mother that she is indeed capable of this. I believe that capturing a baby’s first breath is worth it. I am honored and humbled by each family that carefully decides to let me serve them in this way. 

Enough of my words. Here are just a few of my favorites from my most recent birth. Feel free to comment and ask questions! 


It was a baby girl. The dad made the official announcement. I cried. Thank you for taking a look at something I am learning. Something I am loving. I am so thrilled to share these with the world.. or at least my tiny little world. :) 

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